2017 Metals won at Denver International Competition - Silver for Taste in the Whiskies / Whiskeys, Moonshine, Consumer category and Silver for Single Bottle - Classic Design in the Packaging & Design category

IN THE NEWS... Bondurant Brothers Distillery Wins 2 Medals at 2018 Denver International Competition for our Peach Brandy: Silver for Taste and Bronze for Packing/Label Design!!!

Virginia ABC Stores

Bondurant Brothers Distillery Wins 2 Medals at 2018 Denver International Competition!!! 

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Our Tasting Room

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE across the US through Great American Craft Spirits. Click below to order online.

Various Bars & Restaurants across Virginia

Bondurant Brothers Distillery

9 E 3rd St., ​Chase City VA 23924

Virginia ABC Locations

CLICK HERE to find ABC store locations on the Virginia ABC web site that sell Bondurant Brothers Moonshine... 114 and counting.

If Our Spirits are not sold at an Virginia ABC location near you, CLICK HERE to print off a request form, take it to them and ask for them order it and carry it at their location.

Local Virginia Establishments 

Many local establishments throughout Virginia are currently serving our legendary moonshine. If Bondurant Brothers Moonshine isn't available in your favorite establishment, simply print off the ABC request form, give it to the establishment's manager or ABC manager, and let them know you'd like to enjoy our moonshine at their establishment.

OWN A BAR and would like to serve our legendary Bondurant Brothers Moonshine? CLICK HERE for information.