More Flavors Announced...

Our legendary Moonshine is just the introduction of your Bondurant Brothers Distillery experience. We are proud to announce our new flavors: Hot Cinnamon and Peppermint! These will take your moonshine experience to a whole new level.

Our Legendary Moonshine

During the prohibition period, the Bondurant Brothers of Franklin County, Virginia (Howard, Forrest, and Jack) were legendary for running moonshine. So much so that the movie Lawless was made in 2012 based off of the Bondurant Brothers' illegal moonshine business as written by Matt Bondurant, one of Jack's grandsons, in his bestselling book; The Wettest County in the World.

Fast forward 80 years, Jack Bondurant's grandson, Robert, has taken over the family business and is now based out of Chase City, Virginia. Through research and what could be remembered of the family recipe and tweaking the western Virginia prohibition style process for mass production distilling, Robert revived the family business, but legally this time. 

Our Spirits

The Road to Our Shine

Our moonshine is available at 114 plus ABC stores around Virginia. It is served at local establishments across Virginia as well. Additionally, you will soon be able to purchase it at our distillery tastings.

Moonshine Cocktail Recipes

That's right... MOONSHINE COCKTAILS! Want to take your cocktails up a notch just substitute our Bondurant Brothers Moonshine for vodka and you'll have kicking great cocktails!


Bondurant Brother's Distillery is excited to have tastings of our original legendary Moonshine, new flavors as they are released, as well as cocktails made from our Moonshine at our distillery. Click below to get more information on our tasting events. 

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