Guest enjoying a tour of the distillery

All Visitors 21 and Over Welcome!

Bondurant Brother's Distillery tour dates/times...

Every Friday and Saturday rest of August  noon to 6:00 pm

Every Friday and Saturday  noon to 6:00 pm EXCEPT the weekend of September 23rd.

TOURS and TASTINGS will begin at the top of each hour and are offer at a special introductory rate of $10 per person as a combination package. 

On the tour you will...

  • Hear about the history behind the famous Bondurant Brothers running moonshine, the Great Moonshine Conspiracy, and how their story became the movie Lawless.
  • Take a walk through the moonshine making process in person.
  • Meet Jack's grandson, Robert, and learn why and how he decided to revive the Bondurant Brother's legacy of distilling, selling moonshine, and keeping his family tradition shining.

We look forward to sharing our story and introducing you to our legendary Bondurant Brothers Moonshine.  

Distillery Tours